How Many Days to Spend at Universal Orlando Resort

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You are ready to explore the Wizarding World, ride with the velociraptors, and go on an adventure with Spider-Man at the Universal Orlando Resort. There are many thrills and so much fun waiting at this great vacation destination, but how long should you plan to stay? We share our thoughts about how many days to spend at the Universal Orlando Resort. Then, we give suggestions on how to plan your days!

As you decide how many days to stay at Universal Orlando Resort, here are a few things to consider.

Visiting the Parks

There are two theme parks at Universal Orlando Resort and one water park.  The water park, Volcano Bay, is more like a theme park and is definitely worth the visit!

If you know you want to visit all three, it’s recommended to have 4 full park days. By doing this, you can spend a full day at each of the theme parks, a day at the water park, and an extra day to revisit favorites or go to attractions you missed.

The park-to-park ticket is the way to go, as it offers you maximum flexibility to go back and forth between the three parks. Plus, it’s the only way to experience the Hogwarts Express!

If you are a Harry Potter fan, it’s easy to spend a good portion of your day exploring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter so plan accordingly! This land expands through both theme parks, has some of the most amazing attractions, and there are many hidden gems that you don’t want to miss!

Universal Express Pass

Are you staying at a premier hotel during your visit? If so, you automatically have the Universal Express Pass Unlimited included with your resort stay. This will definitely impact quickly you move through the line queues, especially during busier times of the year.

Universal Express Pass allows you to enter the express line, resulting in significantly shorter wait times at many attractions. If you are not staying at a premier resort, it can also be added to your ticket.

If you do not have Universal Express Pass, you will need to wait in the standby lines, and touring the parks will take more time.

Beyond the Theme Parks

There is plenty to do outside of the parks too. Universal CityWalk has some amazing restaurants and is just a short walk from the parks. There are other things to do too. For example, head to a movie theater or mini golf. Both are located right on CityWalk.

At the resorts, there are activities as well. For example, Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort has a bowling alley! There is a full spa at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel and each resort offers different activities throughout the day too.

A Rest Day is a Good Idea

It never hurts to have a dedicated rest day on vacation. Exploring the theme parks can be tiring! The hotels are very close to the parks. Several are even within walking distance! Therefore, it’s very easy to take a break from the parks during the day if you would like to. However, having a dedicated rest day allows you to recharge and go beyond the theme parks to see what else the resort has to offer.

If you opt for a rest day, that will affect how long you stay on vacation. Consider scheduling your rest day in the middle of your stay. For example, do two days at the theme parks, rest, and then do two more days if you have four park days.

Other Destinations in Orlando

Are you planning to explore other destinations in Orlando? A split stay is a popular option to experience both Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World. If you want to see what else Orlando has to offer, a shorter stay or less park time at Universal Orlando may be optimal. You can then move to a different destination. If that is the case, it’s still worth considering at least two full park days. That will ensure that you do everything you want to do. In addition, the Universal Express Pass is, as mentioned above, a great way to save time and have shorter wait times for many attractions!

Alternatively, you may want to consider staying at Universal Orlando Resort for the entire visit and going to the other destinations for the day. With its central location, it’s easy to visit other destinations for the day if that is what you are looking for.

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