Dear Bob Iger: Don’t Mess This Up- A Love Letter From Disney Fans…

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We are all still reeling from the announcement that came late last night. Disney CEO Bob Chapek is out, Bob Iger is back!

Over the years we have witnessed many changes in Disney parks and resorts. Some have been great, while others have been a tragic dumpster fire. This morning we did a little poll with our followers to see what they miss and what Bob Iger could do to bring back the “magic” to Disney parks. Well, it was a lot of the same thing across the board. Stop charging more and taking away the perks and benefits that we have come to know as the Disney experience. So, what can Bob Iger do to make peace throughout the Disney community? What can he do to renew the public perception of the parks and Disney magically?

Well… let me start here:

Dear Mr. Iger,

As a long-time Disney fan, Disney content creator, and die-hard enthusiast for all things Disney, I am taking it upon myself to pass on some words of wisdom: “please don’t mess this up.” We, the Disney parks fan base, want more. We want more for our money, less time on our phones, and a return to the “magical” experiences we have not seen in the parks for a long time.

Sure, Covid was awful. It ruined lives; it ruined the park experience; it took so much away from us for so long. But what is the current excuse? You can only say “in these unprecedented times” so much before it carries no meaning any longer. Can we get back to the basics?

First- Let’s focus on our Cast Members! Let’s infuse some joy into their training and renew that positive energy that has been sucked out of them. Cast Members are the reason your parks run so well. Your Cast Members have been beaten, battered, and bruised over the last few years. Working for peanuts, not getting support from their management, and basically being treated like Cinderella. Start with Traditions training and continue to nurture and grow that pride in their jobs. For years it was a privilege to say you were a Cast Member. When you said, “I work for Disney,” the response was, “wow! That is so cool! I would die to have that job…” Now, it’s a totally different story. When you mention you work as a Cast Member, it is met with sad glances, eye rolls, and a lot of “oh, wow.. I don’t know how you do it…” Support your Cast Members with the love and adoration they deserve!

Second-  Please, for the love of Mickey Mouse, find a way to get us off our phones! I don’t want to spend my entire vacation on an app that hardly ever works. And lord help you if you’ve connected to Disney wifi! You’re screwed! I am a technology junkie. I have to have the latest iPhone when it comes out. I prefer to use apps and online shop. I love technology and love that Disney has grown to be interactive with pretty much any device imaginable. The technology is actually very impressive. But, with that being said… I do not want to take my three children to the parks and spend every waking hour on my phone. I have to use it to get my park reservations, get my Genie+ selections, scan into the parks, order my food, take photos, scan into Genie+ attractions, and so much more. My phone battery is dead by 10 AM, and I am OVER IT! We have to be able to bring the family vacation back and make the “head in the phone” experience go away.

Third- Bring back the perks of staying on property. I know… I know… It was expensive to run Disney’s Magical Express. It was expensive to have the staff that brought luggage to the rooms. You can make more money on guest dining without the Disney Dining Plan. You can make a lot of money off guests’ parking at the resort. But, you took away an experience and service that was widely known as the “Disney Difference.” The perception is that Disney only cares about the bottom line and the dollar sign… We all know Disney is a business, and that means making money. However, if you want people to have that love in their hearts for Disney parks, you need to provide an experience that makes them feel special.

There are a lot of other notes I would love to share with you, Bob. But, it would fill a book, and let’s be honest-you will never see this anyway. But, if some low-level Disney intern does come across this letter to Bob, maybe you can forward it for me. There is change to be made. There is magic to be had. Don’t mess this up, Bob.

-Sincerely, Professor Heather and all of the hundreds of followers that contributed to the notes made for this letter.