Ariel’s Grotto and Enchanted Tales with Belle to Reopen!

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We have seen the parks returning to life and new changes rapidly taking place since the “BOB” change-up. Today we have even more news that is exciting for princess lovers!

Enchanted Tales with Belle and Ariel’s Grotto meet and greets are returning to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Disney has announced that two of the Magic kingdom’s signature indoor meet-and-greet attractions will reopen, beginning with Ariel’s Grotto in late January. Ariel’s Grotto in Fantasyland will reopen on January 22, 2023, followed by Enchanted Tales with Belle on February 19, 2023.

Ariel’s Grotto- Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom:

Venture into a seaside grotto, where you’ll find Ariel among her treasures. She has gadgets and gizmos aplenty, and she’s always happy to make new friends—especially human ones.  She wants to be where the people are, so stop by and make her dream come true!

Enchanted Tales with Belle- Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom:

Step into Belle and Maurice’s quaint country cottage and marvel at the charming decor. Next, tour Maurice’s workshop, where you’ll see his inventive gadgets—and a special enchanted mirror the Beast gave to Belle. Say the magic words and the mirror comes to life! Watch the story of how Belle and the Beast met, and then behold the walls disappear before your eyes as you are magically transported to the Beast’s castle. Meet the Enchanted Wardrobe, who will help selected participants prepare for their role. Which of you will play the Beast? Guests of all ages may volunteer! Meet the Beautiful Belle: Take your places inside the Beast’s splendid library, where Lumière the talking candlestick directs the action. When Belle appears, you’ll get a chance to play your part in her fairytale story—or just cheer along as you observe the fun!

**Times for these meet and greets have not appeared on the Walt Disney World website but are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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