TRON Lightcycle Run Virtual Queue Guide

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TRON Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom has begun its “soft-opening” at Walt Disney World before the official opening next month. What does that mean to guests wanting to try the attraction? Well, we are going to break that down for you here!

There will only be two options for regular park guests to ride the attraction: Virtual Queue or to buy a Genie+ Lightning Lane. There will be no standby or walk-on for TRON Lightcycle Run when it opens, and we will likely not have the option for some time.

What is Virtual Queue?

A virtual queue is a function available through the My Disney Experience app (Disney World) or the Disneyland app (Disneyland Resort) that allows guests to reserve a “space in line” for many of the new or high-demand attractions ahead of time from their phones. They are offered at different times, and once they are complete, there will be no other option to ride the attraction that day. If you can secure a spot in the virtual queue, you will be assigned a boarding group, and then you’ll use that individual boarding pass to enter the line when it’s time to ride.


How Does the Virtual Queue Work?

The very first thing you need to do is make sure you have the following done before you even visit the park for the day you wish to ride TRON Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom:

  • Download and ensure your My Disney Experience app is set up on your phone.
  • Make sure the app is the most recent update and all of your family and friends wishing to ride are linked to you in the account.
  • Obtain a park reservation for Magic Kingdom for the date you wish to ride TRON Lightcycle Run.

There are two different Virtual Queue “drops” for Magic Kingdom. There is one at 7 AM, and you must have a Magic Kingdom park reservation and can be anywhere to reserve your space in line. The second drop is 1 PM and guests are required to be inside Magic Kingdom to book it through the app.

TRON Lightcycle / Run Introduces Team Green Post-Show Space


Step by Step to Join the Virtual Queue:

To prepare to join the Virtual Queue make sure you have all your party members linked as previously stated.

Step 1: Sign into your My Disney Experience account and verify all of the following are there or complete:

  • All members of your party have valid park tickets for the date you plan to visit Magic Kingdom
  • All members of your party have Disney Park Pass Reservations for Magic Kingdom for the date you plan to visit
  • All members of your party that paln to ride TRON Lightcycle Run are linked through Family and Friends on your My Disney Experience app.

Step 2: Book your Virtual Queue reservation:

The virtual queue opens twice at Magic Kingdom. Once at 7 AM and again at 1 PM. You can be anywhere for the 7 AM opening but you must be inside Magic Kingdom park to qualify for the 1 PM opening. This means you must be on the other side of the turnstiles when the virtual queue opens!

Here are the steps for both the 7 AM and 1 PM Virtual Queue drops

  1. Confirm Your Party: On the app, under “Join Virtual Queue,” you’ll find a button that says “Confirm Your Party.” *You can confirm your party up to an hour before the virtual queue drop (6 AM and NOON).
  2. Join The Virtual Queue: Have the app open, logged in, and ready to go at 6:55 AM or 11:55 AM. Be on the screen to get your Virtual Queue at 7 AM or 1 PM. As soon as the screen says “join the virtual queue,” click that button and move QUICKLY!
  3. Hurry: Move quickly through the prompts that appear on the app until you see your Boarding Group time. *These spots fill up in seconds so do not delay!
  4. Celebrate or re-plan your day: If you were lucky enough to get the Boarding Group to make sure you are prompt in your return time slot. Cast Members are turning guests away that come late. If you did not get a Boarding Group you have the option to purchase Disney’s Genie+ Lightning Lane for the attraction. But hurry because that may fill up quickly.

*This information may change and will be updated as needed!

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