Disney MagicMobile Pass Guide

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It’s here! Disney’s new MagicMobile Pass has finally arrived on your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Google Play-enabled phones.

What is MagicMobile?

This new service is available for Walt Disney World and Disneyland guests in the My Disney Experience app. It can be added to your Android, iPhone, or Apple Watch digital wallet. Once enabled, the MagicMobile service holds your smart device near access points around Walt Disney World.

Disney MagicMobile passes can do the following:

  • Enter theme parks (with linked valid theme park admission and park reservation)
  • Connect Disney PhotoPass images to your account
  • Gain access to virtual queues
  • Redeem Lightning Lane ride reservations booked via Genie+ or the a la carte purchase option
  • Charge to your Disney Resort hotel folio during your stay

This chart below from Disney breaks down the differences between MagicBand, MagicBand+, and MagicMobile:



Here’s how it works:

The MagicMobile Pass is used as you would use your park ticket or MagicBand. Once you download it to your Apple or Google Play Wallet, you are given a unique QR code that you can use to scan at the gate to gain entry to the park. This same QR code is available on your Digital device/watch. Instead of checking your MagicBand, you’d scan your Apple Watch or Google Play device.

With the MagicMobile Pass, you can:

  • Enter theme parks with a valid park reservation and ticket/pass
  • Connect your Disney PhotoPass images to your account
  • Use at touchpoints throughout the park without unlocking your phone

Quick Tips:

  • For your MagicpMobile Pass, you do not have to unlock your phone. Just tap at the touchpoint.
  • For Friends/Family, unlock your phone and open your digital Wallet, then swipe to their pass.

While you do not have to manually open your Digital Wallet on your phone or Watch to use MagicMobile, inside your Digital Wallet, you will see your badge, and in your watch, it will be displayed like below:

Before you get upset about “getting rid of MagicBands,” remember that Disney announced they would use this service IN ADDITION to the MagicBands we all love. They said we could expect many new band designs this spring and throughout the year. Take a look at our latest guide on MagicBand+ HERE

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