A Guide to TapuTapu at Universal’s Volcano Bay


Universal Orlando Resort’s Volcano Bay isn’t just an ordinary water park. Billed as the first “Water Theme Park”, the resort has gone out of its way to create a highly-detailed and immersive world full of thrilling rides and beautiful sites. One way that Volcano Bay stands out in the crowd is the use of the new TapuTapu wearable. This wristband based system allows guests to check-in to virtual queues, store payment information, interact with special spots in the park and even be alerted to inclement weather. Today we’ve got a guide on all of the things TapuTapu can do and how to use it on your next Universal Orlando vacation.

TapuTapu at Volcano Bay

TapuTapu is a complimentary waterproof wristband that guests are given as they enter Volcano Bay (to be returned upon exiting the park). The wristbands are slightly larger in comparison to Disney’s MagicBands and are equipped with a small screen. The goal of the TapuTapu is to give guests more freedom and fun during their visit. So what exactly can the TapuTapu do?

Volcano Bay

TapTu Ride

The most notable function of TapuTapu is the ability to reserve a virtual place in line for a ride. To reserve a space with TapTu Ride, guests tap their TapuTapu band at totems located at the entrances to rides and are then free to explore or ride other attractions until a designated return time. At that time the TapuTapu will vibrate and display a notification that it’s time to return and ride. While TapTu Ride doesn’t completely remove all time spent waiting in line, the time saved can add up quickly and allow your family to experience much more than without it. Guests renting cabanas have the added perk of being able to reserve and modify their TapTu Ride reservations from their cabana.

Volcano Bay

TapTu Play

Guests can have a little fun with their TapuTapu as well. Universal has scattered various interactive locations throughout the park where scanning a TapuTapu band will activate fun features like lighting effects, water spouts and bringing Tiki statues to life. To use a TapTu Play location, guests tap their band on small boxes with the Volcano Bay logo on them. Each box also has a cute diagram showing what the interactive feature is. These spots aren’t listed on the park map, making them a great way to explore and discover hidden secrets.

Volcano Bay

TapuTapu Lockers

No one wants to carry around all of their belongings while at a water park. Almost all water parks have locker rentals where guests can store their items while enjoying attractions, but most times you’re left having to carry a key around and remember your locker number. Volcano Bay has added rental locker access to the TapuTapu system to help alleviate some of that inconvenience. Guests can tap their band at the location’s scanner and their designated locker will open on its own, no need to remember that pesky number. There are multiple locker locations throughout the park as well as lockers in the rental cabanas. Guests may connect up to 4 TapuTapu bands to a locker allowing access to the whole family.

Volcano Bay

TapTu Pay

Now that you’ve stored your belongings in a locker, you might find yourself wanting to buy a bite to eat or a souvenir. There’s no need to hike all the way back to your locker to grab your wallet or purse though. With TapTu Pay, guests can use their band for purchases throughout the park. To use TapTu Pay, guests must register their credit or debit card to their Universal Orlando account through the app or online, and link their Volcano Bay tickets as well. A pin code will then need to be created for purchasing security. TapTu Pay also allows guests to set different pin codes and spending limits for each member of their party as well as track all purchases right from the wristband. Don’t worry though, payment and personal information is cleared from the TapuTapu devices when returned at the exit.

Volcano Bay

TapTu Snap

Guests wanting to commemorate their watery adventure can take advantage of three special automated photo spots in the park with the TapTu Snap. Simply tap your band to the box at one of the locations, get in the right spot and smile! Computer automated cameras located in large tiki statues at the spots will snap your photo and connect it to your Universal account where they can be purchased. TapTu Snap spots can be found at the entrance to Hanu ika Moana, near Kohola Reef and at the park entrance.



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