Villains Land: What a Disney Villain Themed Park Could Look Like

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If you’re like me, you love the baddies!  I was thrilled when they debuted the new Disney After Hours events at Magic Kingdom last year! It was incredible to see my favorite baddies in the Villains’ Cursed Caravan and all of the spooktacular events held during the special ticketed event.

For me, a limited event isn’t enough time with the villains! The little taste we had during the event got us thinking:  “What would a Disney Villians-themed land look like?”  Not only that, would it be something that would draw attention to the parks?

I decided to bring my idea of the perfect Disney Villain themed park to you! Follow along as I breakdown a land exclusively home to the badest of the baddies!

Villains Land Attractions:

Queen Of Hearts Hedge Maze:

Start your journey in a 2/3 person ride vehicle on a fun adventure following a little white rabbit. Cheerful music playing with bright colors all around. Soon you lose track of which way he goes. Moving through tall shrubs, the mood begins to change… Your surroundings are getting darker, ominous music begins to play. Suddenly, you are face to face with the Queen of Hearts! You have ruined her game of croquet and she yells for her guard to attack; “Off with their heads!” Out of a bush, the white rabbit appears and urges you to follow him to escape the Queen. Twisting and turning through the maze dodging guards that jump out from behind the shrubs. Finally, you make your way out of the maze and are greeted by the Madd Hatter and Alice having tea.

Hades Escape from the Underworld

*This was actually a real attraction at Disney Quest! Hades Escape from the Underworld is a virtual reality game where four players worked on a team, with one player playing as Hercules, Megara, Philoctetes, and Pegasus each. They journeyed throughout the Underworld and gathered lightning bolts, while seeking out Pain and Panic. When they find the henchmen, they also find a minecart full of lightning bolts, which they then ride to Hades’s lair. Pegasus pulls the cart, and the others throw the bolts at Hades.

Cave of Wonders: Escape from Jafar:

Begin your journey aboard your own personal carpet floating gently through the sky. (Think Flight of Passage set up) Flying through the city of Agraba around brightly colored buildings feeling the wind on your face. Exciting music playing as you dive toward a beautiful fountain, feeling the splash of water while you soar out of the city through the desert. You fly through the desert you feel the mood change. It begins to get a little darker as you come to the Cave of Wonders. You are greeted with the ominous warning: “Know this. Only one may enter here. One who lies far within. The diamond in the rough” as you enter the cave. Through the cave, over the jewels and treasure below, you come to the lamp! Suddenly, the Cave of Wonders goes black and you are in front of Jafar as he transforms into a giant snake! Turning away just in time to escape his strike. Twisting and turning, you are chased by Jafar through a dark and firey tunnel. Finally able to escape, just as he seems to have you in his grasp. WHEW!

Ursula’s Tentacle Twist:

Think Tea Cups but with an under the sea nightmarish twist! Enter your clamshell and begin your journey under the sea slowly spinning to a sweet sea song. Suddenly, your ride stops! The music dims and Ursula rises from the center of the attraction. The sea witch is the only thing you see as you begin to spin out of control, faster and faster. Her tentacles slam down around you as you spin around trying to escape!

Kronk’s Crazy Coaster:

Enter Kuzco’s castle and walk through the corridors until you enter Yzma’s secret elevator! Get into your seat, and buckle up, as the elevator doors close in front of you. (Think Rise of the Resistance ride vehicle) Kronk and Yzma come on the screen in front of you and discuss their plans to get rid of Kuzco. Next up, Yzma yells for Kronk to “pull that lever!” You drop(like Tower of Terror) 6 stories to the secret laboratory below. Once you reach the bottom, the elevator doors open and you move forward through the lab watching Yzma mix up potions with smoke, magical smells, and eerie music playing around you. Move through dodging explosions and blasts coming from her potions gone wrong. Kronk realizes Yzma plans to kill Kuzco and has a crisis of conscience. He steals the poison and he takes you with him as he escapes the lab. Yzma becomes furious and begins to take different potions to transform into different creatures as she chases you throughout the passageways beneath the castle. Finally, Kronk finds the elevator and pulls another lever as you accel rapidly back up to Kuzcos castle.

Scar’s Elephant Graveyard:

Be prepared! This walk on ride(similar to Haunted Mansion) takes you through the elephant graveyard from Disney’s Lion King in a slow-moving ride car. Take a trip into the famous scene in Disney’s Lion King as you hear Scar sing Be Prepared. Following Simba and Nala as they wander through large bones and fire around you. Suddenly, you are surrounded by hyenas inside a cave. Scar appears on a large rock above you encouraging Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed to attack. Luckily, Mufasa arrives and saves the day allowing you to return to Pride Rock.

Oogie’s Scary-Go-Round:

This creepy-crawly Merry-Go-Round has all the creatures, insects, reject toys and miscellaneous characters from Oogie Boogies lair. Going round and round on this nightmarish ride as Oogie Boogie spins his board to determine your fate.

Villains Land Dining:

The Plank:

The Plank is a Table Service dining location that offers a Caribbean menu with items like: Fried Atlantic Cod, Grilled Skirt Steak, Caribbean Vegetable Curry, Jerk Chicken Wings, and Crab Cake. You board the Jolly Roger and are greeted by pirates who ask you to join their crew. Every member of your party is given a pirate bandanna to join the crew. The dining room is in the belly of the ship. The servers are salty pirates who give you a side of attitude with your meal. Captain Hook and Smee walk from table to table greeting guests and taking photos. A swashbuckling adventure begins as the music begins to play and the pirates recruit little buccaneers to form a conga around the dining room.

Dr. Facilier Voodoo Emporium and Libations:

The Shadowman himself invites you into his Voodoo Emporium for a custom concoction that will bring dark spirits alive. This full-service bar is like stepping right into Dr. Facilier’s Emporium. Voodoo dolls hang around with shrunken heads sitting on shelves next to bottles of poison. The bar is dark and eerie with blacklight neon colors glowing. The Potion Masters(bartenders) have voodoo face paint and serve poisons and potions.

Gastons Tavern:

No one is like Gaston! This Quick Service dining will be a walk-up ordering(or mobile ordering) location. Menu items like: Roast chicken, pot pie, oxtail, and lots of beer on tap! Gastons Tavern will have a full open dining room for seating. Mounted animals on the wall will talk to you and occasionally break out in song. Tables are long plank boards with benched family-style seating. There is a big fireplace in the center of the room featuring a very large painting of Gaston.

Meet and Greet Characters

A Villains Land wouldn’t be complete without character meet and greet locations throughout the park. Take a look at some of the characters you can meet:

  • Captain Hook & Mr. Smee
  • The Evil Queen
  • Maleficent
  • Oogie Boogie
  • Dr. Facilier
  • Pain & Panic
  • Hades
  • Madame Mim
  • Ursula
  • Emperor Zurg
  • Captain Barbossa
  • Cruella De Vil
  • Mother Gothel
  • Jafar
  • Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Prince John
  • Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Yzma
  • Dr. Drakken
  • Lady Tremaine
  • Anastasia and Drizella
  • Shan Yu

Villains Land Castle

A new land wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful castle. This castle will be nothing like you have ever seen before. Maleficent’s castle will be tall and beautifully narrow, unlike Cinderella Castle or Sleeping Beauty’s castles. Grey with purple turrets and gold accents sparkling throughout green vines that climb the castle exterior. Incredible thorn bushes surround the base of the castle with a moat that surrounds all but the drawbridge. Behind the castle is a cave that goes deep into the dungeon of the castle. When you journey into the cave you will find Maleficent the dragon under a spell sleeping. During the day you will be able to wander through the castle halls. In the evenings, the castle is the stage for an incredible villain spectacular projection show with fireworks set to a beautifully dark melody.

villains park

We really hope you enjoyed this journey through our imagination! Disney, if you read this, give me a call 😉

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