Adventureland Treehouse Opening in Disneyland Nov. 10th

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The highly anticipated Adventureland Treehouse is ready to make it’s grand debut. Guests will now get to experience this interactive treehouse beginning November 10th.

Disneyland‘s new Adventureland Treehouse that was previously Tarzan’s Treehouse, is taking inspiration from the classic, Walt Disney’s “Swiss Family Robinson”. This refurbished attraction will also feature a fresh storyline mixed with the classic nostalgia.

The Treehouse Will Feature a Fresh Story

Daughter's Astronomer's Loft

(c) Disney

Originally established in 1962, the treehouse was highly inspired by the “Swiss Family Robinson” film. In the late 90’s it was reimagined into Tarzan’s Treehouse. Now, the Imagineers are taking this attraction back to its roots, but with a new story. The Adventureland Treehouse will take guests on a journey of a family’s retreat among the trees. Guests will be able to experience: mother’s music den, the son’s nature room, and the daughter’s astronomer’s loft. The family has collaborated to add a little bit of themselves and items found around them to create their own unique treehouse. Now, the family invites you and yours to see all the inventions they’ve created and how they’ve fashioned the treehouse.

What Guests Can Expect to See

Each area is unique to and carefully crafted by each family member. The daughter’s loft is a celestial haven, complete with her telescopes and notebooks of all her discoveries.

Mother's Musical Den

(c) Disney

In the mother’s music den, guests can see multiple musical instruments, including: a harp, lute, guitar, and organ. The twin brothers have added flare to their area as well and filled it with plants- and you might spot some animals as well.

Beginning November 10, guests can explore the brand new Adventureland Treehouse.

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