Benefits of a Park to Park Ticket at Universal Orlando Resort

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One of the most asked questions about Universal Orlando Resort from our followers is “what is the benefit of purchasing a Park to Park ticket vs. just a One Park Pass?” When you’re looking at your park ticket options at Universal Orlando Resort, without a doubt, we ALWAYS suggest a Park to Park ticket. And here’s why:

Universal’s Park to Park Ticket is the best option for visitors that want the opportunity to experience everything at both theme parks. The Park to Park ticket comes in a couple of different options but allows guests admission to Universal Studios Orlando, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay theme parks. Depending on which you purchase, you can enjoy unlimited admission to all three theme parks on the same day.

Jurassic Park Raptor Encounter

What is a Park to Park Ticket?

Just like at Walt Disney World, there are two types of tickets at Universal Orlando Resort. You have a Base Ticket or a Park to Park ticket. However, Universal has different types of Park to Park( or hopper) options. See below:

A base ticket is a ticket that allows you access to one park, and one park only, for that day. This means once you are in your chosen park either Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay, or Universal Studios you are stuck in that park until you are ready to leave.

Universal offers two different “Park Hopper“(if you’re familiar with Walt Disney World) or Park to Park options.  You can choose from either 2 Park or 3 Park to Park tickets. The 2 Park Park to Park ticket allows guests access to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure only. The 3 Park Park to Park ticket gets you into Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay Water Park.

Why Should I Purchase Park to Park Tickets?

Hogwarts Express Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Make the Most of the Wizarding Worlds

Without a Park to Park ticket you are NOT able to go back and forth between the parks. You are limited to one park, per day. For example, there are two sides to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. If you don’t have a Park to Park ticket you are locked into the park you have chosen that day, and not allowed to take the Hogwarts Express from either King’s Cross Station in London at Universal Studios or from Hogsmeade Station in Universal’s Islands of Adventure. You can also never experience walking through Platform 9-3/4 inside Kings Cross Train Station.

Christmas at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Park Hour Restrictions

Another very good reason to have Park to Park tickets is Universals park closing hours… Closing hours can vary for Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios daily. You could often get stuck at a park that may close at 5 PM or 7 PM and then have nothing to do for the rest of the evening. This would be a major bummer if you had planned on checking out the Hogwarts Castle light show or one of the evening perks of the other park.

Universal Orlando Resort

The Parks Are Touching

Did you know that Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are literally sitting right next to each other? You could go back and forth between them so easily. If you want to go between the parks you must have a Park to Park ticket! If 1/2 your party wants to head on The Hulk but some want to go to Men in Black, you have to have a Park to Park ticket.

TeAwa The Fearless River at Universal's Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay on a Hot Day

Florida weather is definitely hot 75% of the year. You never know just how hot your day is going to be or how you might want to cool off. Depending on where you are staying, your pool options might be lacking. Having a 3 Park to Park ticket allows you to take a mid-day break, or cut the day early, and cool off at one of Orlando’s premier water parks! Volcano Bay is more than just a water park. As a matter of fact, Universal Orlando Resort considers it their 3rd theme park option! With a 3 Park to Park ticket, you can make the most of your day and cool off or play hard at Volcano Bay Water Park.

Your Travel Advisor Knows Best

When it comes to your travel plans it is always important to work with the people that know what is best for your vacation. Working with a Travel Advisor that specializes in Universal Orlando Resort gives you peace of mind when planning your vacation or day at the parks.  If you’re on the fence to which type of park ticket you need, consult your Travel Advisor today! We always recommend Key to the World Travel for all of our followers.

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