Disney Reveals the New Disney Treasure ‘Moana’ Show

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Disney has revealed some incredible details about the new show “Disney The Tale of Moana,” which will debut exclusively at the Walt Disney Theatre onboard the Disney Treasure cruise ship in December 2024. With set design and music bursting with elements of Pacific Islands culture that inspires the classic coming-of-age tale, this innovative production will immerse audiences in a transformational adventure across land and sea.

Read on for more details and a sneak peek of how “Disney The Tale of Moana” will come to life in the first stage adaptation inspired by the Walt Disney Animation Studios film.

Towering Puppets Take Stage

To create puppetry that soars to mythical heights, Disney Live Entertainment creative director of puppetry and articulation, Jeff Conover, teamed up with master puppet designer Michael Curry, whose creations are featured in Disney’s Tony Award-winning musical “The Lion King” on Broadway. The massive, fiery Te Kā will be a puppet of a scale Disney Cruise Line has never before produced. When Moana meets Te Kā and restores the heart of Te Fiti, the giant Te Kā puppet will shed its fiery shell and become the gentle island goddess, Te Fiti herself.

First Look at New Disney Treasure ‘Moana’ Show

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Practice Your “Warrior Face”

Moana and Maui will perform the song “Warrior Face” for the first time in the stage show when the demigod teaches Moana how to face her fears before entering the Realm of the Monsters to face Tamatoa. “Warrior Face” will join classic favorites from the Grammy-Award winning soundtrack in the stage show, including “You’re Welcome,” “We Know The Way” and “How Far I’ll Go.”

Make way-make way! 'Disney, The Tale of Moana,' a brand new broadway-style production is coming to the new Disney Cruise Line ship, the Disney Treasure!

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Setting the Scene in “An Innocent Warrior”

“Disney The Tale of Moana” will begin in modern day on the fictional island of Motunui, in a set design filled with hints of brilliant cultures of the Pacific Islands that will appear throughout the show. The spirit of Gramma Tala, our narrator, will introduce her granddaughter, while through vibrant dance and songs in a mix of languages including Tuvaluan, Tokelauan and Samoan, we will learn how the ocean chooses young Moana for an incredible journey to restore the heart of Te Fiti.

Transforming The Walt Disney Theatre in “How Far I’ll Go”

In this iconic scene, The Walt Disney Theatre will transform from the island of Motunui into the open ocean as Moana’s journey moves from her home to the great voyage that she’s longed for her entire life. Twinkling stars will swirl overhead and a giant, glowing manta ray will emerge and soar above the audience as a newfound sense of courage fills Moana. The manta ray is the spirit of Gramma Tala, illuminating the way for Moana on her journey to save her people.

This show looks stunning, and I cannot wait to see Moana’s incredible story unfold in a new way on the Disney Treasure! “Disney The Tale of Moana” will join a dazzling lineup of fan-favorite shows like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Disney Seas the Adventure” in the Walt Disney Theatre.

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