Disney Wish Adult-Only Zones

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The brand-new Disney Wish from Disney Cruise Line offers more adult-only experiences than any other ship in the fleet!

The newest Disney Cruise Line ship, the Disney Wish, sets sail on its inaugural cruise on July 14, 2022.

If you have ever cruised with Disney, you know there is NOTHING like Disney Cruise Line. It is why it was just voted the World’s Best Cruise Line by Travel & Leisure for 2022! I have been on several different Disney Cruises and while there are many similarities, there are also huge differences between each of them. The Disney Wish has taken the best of the best from each one of those ships! Most importantly, they have made some amazing areas just for adults that go above and beyond the normal adult zones on a Disney Cruise.

While the Disney Wish was purpose-designed with families in mind, there are more spaces than ever before for adults to relax and recharge at sea. With unique areas reserved for guests 18 and older, the Disney Wish offers richly themed oases with special touches of magic that are perfect for unwinding and socializing.

Adult Lounges

The Imagineers nailed the design of the Disney Wish. Everything is strategically located to help with the flow. It has the best flow to help you balance family time with adults-only experiences. Many of the lounges are located close to the kids club making drop-off and pick-up a breeze!


Located on Deck 3 is The Bayou. This is the main lounge, and one of the largest on the Disney Wish. The gorgeous details inspired by the movie The Princess and The Frog create an immersive atmosphere and there is a stage for live music in the evenings.  This swanky retreat is sure to make you feel like you’re sipping on a Hurricane right in the heart of New Orleans.

Adorned with a canopy of magnolia blossoms and lily pads, as well as vibrant green and gold hues, this Louisiana-inspired lounge is the place to be. Especially in the evenings when jazz is in the air as a live band provides rhythms smooth as a sea breeze. And y’all don’t forget to try the signature beignets … it’s Tiana’s secret recipe after all!


Located on Deck 3 and you are able to see it from The Grand Hall.  Nightingale’s piano bar continues the ship’s alluring theme of enchantment. Inspired by Cinderella’s lyrical rendition of “Sing Sweet Nightingale,” this space exudes grace and elegance, with alluring melodies, rose gold accents and a glittering chandelier at its center.

You won’t want to miss the specialty cocktails in this location or the bubbling champagnes and fine wines that are the perfect overture to a fairytale-inspired evening.


Located on Deck 3 is the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge. This lounge takes a page out of the design concept for the new Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser!  It is fully Star Wars-themed and truly immersive. Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge, is designed to be a yacht-class spaceship outfitted with sleek, luxurious décor.

Sip on a galactic concoction that is truly out of this world as you are transported to iconic locations to view famous spaceships and glimpse favorite locales from the eras of the Republic, Empire and First Order. This highly immersive space makes you feel like you are actually living in the Star Wars films, especially as the starship jumps through hyperspace. I highly recommend asking the bartender to add a cinnamon-scented smoke bubble to every beverage you order, not just the Chancellor!


Located on Deck 5, Keg & Compass is a pub that pays homage to seafarers, sailors and maritime adventurers. As you sip on a custom craft brew, be sure to take in the traditional map that spans the entire length of the ceiling – you might even spot some favorite Disney friends up there.

Guests can also watch live sports, news and major broadcast events – all from the comfort of this sailor’s lounge.


Cascading from Deck 5, just off The Grand Hall, you’ll find two charming cafes that offer coffees and some of your favorite espressos found at the Cove Cafe! But, you can also enjoy cocktails, wine, and pressed juices. The Wishing Star Cafe is themed after Pinocchio. And the Enchanted Sword Cafe is themed after the Sword and the Stone animated movie.


Located on Deck 12 in the adults-only district, this bar is located between two of the adult dining locations on the ship. The theme is Beauty & the Beast with the enchanted rose as the main feature. It is a great place for a pre or post-dinner drink. They offer a special menu of gourmet amuse-bouche and small plates from the Enchate gallery, curated by Chef Lallement.


Speaking of Hook’s Barbery, you’ll find something surprising here. A “hidden” bar can be found right here. Whether you book a service here or not, stop in for a hand-crafted bourbon Old Fashioned that you get to help design.

And if you are receiving a service at Hook’s Barbery take it to the top-notch by adding on this bourbon bar experience.


Located on Deck 13, the Quiet Cove Cafe offers specialty coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages for an additional charge. This cafe is right out the Quiet Cove in the adult-only pool deck.

Adult-Only Dining

Just like other Disney Cruise ships, there are two dining locations that are adult-only and offer an additional elevated dining experience at an additional cost. On the Disney Wish they have Palo Steakhouse and Enchante’. Both are themed to be themed after the “Tale as Old as Time,” AKA Beauty and the Beast. Both of these locations need reservations ahead of time and will have an additional cost. You can either purchase a prix fixe dining experience or order a la carte.


Located on Deck 12, Palo Steakhouse may sound a little familiar to you if you have been on a Disney Cruise before. There are four ships that have Palo onboard.

However, this one is not like the others! It has been reimagined and inspired by Cogsworth from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! The food and drinks are the same you’d come to expect. Don’t skip the souffle! This dining experience is an additional charge, not included in your normal cruise package and you must have dining reservations to dine here.


Located next to PALO is Enchante’. Keeping with the Beauty and the Beast theme as Palo and The Rose offer, Enchante’ is illuminated by Lumiere! This is the Disney Wish version of Remy, found on their other ships. It is truly the ship’s most elegant dining experience.

The menu was curated by 3-Michelin starred Chef Arnaud Lallement. This dining experience is an additional charge, not included in your normal cruise package and you must have dining reservations to dine here.

Quiet Cove & Infinity Pool

Located in the aft of Deck 13 you can find the adult-only pool and bar on the shi. Ths sundeck area also has the first ever infinity pool aboard a Disney ship! The pool overlooks the back of the ship offering an amazing view!

This area also offers two shallow pools with gentle waterfalls that flank the infinity pool. You can grab a drink from the lovely lounge right by the pools and the Cove Cafe coffee shop just around the corner, with an elegant Moana / Polynesian theme.

Senses Spa & Fitness

Located on Deck 5, Senses Spa aboard the Disney Wish is bigger than any of the other ships. Aboard the Wish features like intimate relaxation rooms, men’s and women’s locker rooms equipped with a steam room, private treatment rooms, spa villas for couples, and steam and aromatherapy rooms designed to help you decompress, rejuvenate and recharge. Massage, facial, acupuncture, and specialized custom therapies are available.

Connected to the Senses Spa is the new Rainforest Room, which is truly fit for royalty.  Featuring a lush atmosphere filled with waterfall showers, a dry-infrared sauna, a steam room, and a frigidarium offering cryotherapy (new for the Wish), and plenty of those beloved DCL heated tile loungers. But wait, there’s more! The outdoor portion houses two whirlpool jacuzzis and various loungers lining the entire space.  The Wish’s Rainforest Room is unlike any other ship’s, sprawling with relaxation stations and various places to rest and recharge. The Rainforest Room is not included with reserved spa treatments; day passes are available starting at around $80 per person.

Senses Fitness offers state-of-the-art exercise and wellness facilities, including the main room with exercise equipment, weightlifting machines, and free weights, along with a cycle studio and aerobics room. Complimentary, instructor-led fitness classes will be offered throughout the cruise.



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