MEDAL REVEAL for 2024 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

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On your marks, get set, GO! Yesterday, on #MedalMonday, runDisney posted a medal reveal for 2024 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend. This is my favorite way to start off the week! The medals for the Princess Half Marathon weekend are always bright and colorful. This race weekend is celebrating Princesses and Queens, and how they are the heroes of their own stories. The medals this year remind me of art by Mary Blair!

The 2024 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend will be from Friday to Monday,  February 23rd, 2024 to February 26th, 2024. The weekend events include the Health & Fitness Expo (Thursday- Saturday), 5K (Friday), 10K (Saturday), Half Marathon (Sunday), and Yoga (Monday). For the first time in forever, the Yoga event will be held Monday, after the races instead of before! There is also the Fairytale Challenge, which includes the 10K & Half Marathon. runDisney is also offering virtual races! I can’t wait for this magical weekend!


2024 Disney Princess 5K medal

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5K Medal

The 5K medal features Ariel in her wedding gown running with Prince Eric’s castle behind her. It also has a blue background and what looks like seaweed or kelp The main colors are blue, red, and pink but there is green at the bottom. I like that the medal ribbon matches with pink and blue and includes some of the star detailing. I wonder if this shirt will be pink!

2024 Disney Princess 10K medal

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10K Medal

The 10K medal features everyone’s favorite dreamer, Rapunzel. She is in her iconic purple and pink dress with her tower and a red circle (maybe the sun) behind her. I love that you can also see her long hair in a braid. The best part of the medal is the sun, the crest of Corona, that makes up the shape of the medal. I am also wondering if the sun portion will be moveable and spin. The colors of the ribbon are the Kingdom of Corona’s colors of purple and yellow. This medal is my second favorite of them all! Do you think this shirt will be purple or yellow?

2024 Disney Princess Half Marathon medal

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Half Marathon Medal

The half marathon medal has Tiana in her green and yellow water lily dress. It also has Louis playing the trumpet. This medal is also shaped like a water lily on a lily pad, which adds to the fun! It looks like the metal is rose gold which complements the green and purple of the medal. On the bottom of the medal, where it says 2024, and the background looks like it might be an image of Tiana’s Place. The ribbon is purple and matches the purple on the metal perfectly! 

2024 Disney Princess Fairytale Challenge medal

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Fairytale Challenge Medal

This is my favorite medal! It has Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. This medal has no princesses. It has not one but TWO Queens! It is shaped like a circle, but it has a snowflake on that looks like it might move! I love that the sisters are running toward each other, it reminds me of the (spoiler alert) scene where Anna is frozen solid and Elsa saves her with true love. Of course, this medal has different shades of blue, and Anna’s classic purple. The ribbon looks like it matches Anna’s magenta or purple and has snowflakes on it. I can’t wait to see the race shirt for this one!


2024 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

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That wraps up the medals for the 2024 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend. Which medal is your favorite?  Don’t forget you have the option to race virtually! Running virtually is a great way to train for an upcoming runDisney race or to reward yourself after achieving a running milestone! Head over to to join the fun and learn more about the 2024 Virtual Princess Half Marathon Weekend.

If you are racing or cheering on an athlete, make sure to fill out the vacation request form to book your room or package today! The in-person race currently shows sold-out, but keep an eye out for spots opening up. The virtual races are still available for registration!


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