Walt Disney World School Absence Excuse Sample

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While we don’t encourage taking your child out of school for a vacation, we understand that sometimes we have to plan our time away around our work schedules. This sometimes means pulling our kids from school. There are not very many teachers who appreciate their student’s missing time away during the school year. However, we might have a solution to soften the blow with this sample school excuse. Download it to print at home or feel free to copy/paste this and make it your own!

Dear Mr./Mrs. (teachers name): Today’s Date:

My (son/daughter) (your child’s name) will be absent from (schools name) between (vacation dates) for a family trip to Walt Disney World Resort.
We wanted to inform you that we do not take missing school lightly. We will be using this time to create memories and use every opportunity possible to teach lifelong lessons. Walt Disney World has so many opportunities to learn something fun and exciting.

Something (your child’s name)will bring home from this trip:

  • Conservation and the exploration of nature at Animal Kingdom. We will take a real safari ride and learn about and see live animals in their natural habitat. After that, we will go to the Conservation Station to learn about how we can do our part to keep the planet healthy for our future.
  • U.S. history and how American was founded from the Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom and the American Adventure show in Epcot.
  • A lesson in space exploration on the Mission: Space ride in Epcot. We will see and feel what it would be like to rocket to Mars. Learning about different cultures of the world from 11 different countries, across 4 different continents. We will learn about local languages, food, and traditions from the different countries in the Epcot World Showcase. While we understand this vacation interrupts (your child’s name)’s lessons and activities in school, we also feel that family time is incredibly important. Life goes by too quickly and we want to create memories that will help (your child’s name) grow into a healthy and well-rounded adult.

We would appreciate if you could send home any work (your child’s name) will be missing while we are gone, but understand that this extra work on your behalf is not expected. We will make sure (your child’s name) completes all necessary work in a timely manner as soon as we return on (the date your child will return to school).

Thank you,
(Your signature and phone number)

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