Disney Themed Apple Watch Bands

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Now that you can use your Apple Watch as your MagicBand, it’s time to accessorize with these Disney-themed Apple Watch bands and bling. Whenever we head to the parks, it’s very important for us to properly accessorize! If you’re like us, it means much more than just a park tee and a pair of ears.

The issue is WHICH ears to choose from depending on our outfits. Our MagicBands have to match our vibe for the day. Will we go with a Disney Parks Loungefly mini backpack or fanny pack?  Should we opt for our little Rebecca Hook rose gold studs or our new Baublebar earrings? Of course, we need masks that match our outfit and a backup one to change into.

Today we had a whole new world of possibilities open up to us when we downloaded the new MagicMobile Pass to our Apple Wallet. The new pass allows you to use your iPhone and Apple Watch instead of your MagicBand to access the parks.  Once we downloaded it to our Apple Watch we thought, NOW WE NEED TO ACCESSORIZE OUR APPLE WATCH ASAP!

After some research, we found some really great bands and band accessories to show off your love of all things Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel! We have also made some new friends on Instagram in the process. (We will link their accounts below)

Small Shops

Mouse on Main Street

The first account we found has been around for a while. They have “MagicBand Buddies” that you can put into the holes of your MagicBand to add a little personalized touch. You can find them at @MouseonMainStreet on Instagram but take a look at some of their products below:

When we dug a little deeper we noticed they have a ton of great options for Apple Watch Bands as well! Check out just a couple of their custom bands! To see more visit their site: mouseonmainstreet.com

Fantasmice Ear Emporium

The next account we found also has some cute MagicBand Buddies! @fantasmicearemporium on Instagram has many different style Apple Watch buddies that can also be used for MagicBands. Our favorite is the Annual Passholder buddies!

They also have several really cute Apple Watch bands that you have to check out for yourself HERE


The next company we are going to feature is a tech giant when it comes to Apple Watch bands. They have official licenses and not only have some great designs, but some really stylish Apple Watch faces as well. Take a look at @mobyfox_official


A quick Amazon search led us to a ton of options for Apple Watch bands. Just enter the keywords “Disney Apple Watch Band” or sub out “Disney” for “Star Wars” or “Marvel.”  If you want a specific character, use their name in the place. Example “Snow White Apple Watch Band” and it will narrow down your search even more. Here are some of our favorite options. You can click the image to shop directly:



We hope you find something you love in this post to help you bring out your Disney style!


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